Pressy! A new button for Android Phones?

Pressy Android ButtonYes, a new button called Pressy has been introduced by Nimrod Back and his team. Although touch screens have no doubt taken place of actual keypads, the importance of having buttons cannot be forgotten.   This is why this team came up with a unique idea of having an extra button called “Pressy”. This “Pressy” button plugs into your headphone port and it can give you all sorts of application access and many quick access functions.

Pressy offers its users a unique set of applications to access easily by just pressing it. This button is really cool, but to work efficiently it needs applications behind it, because this button enables the Users of the phone to perform different kind of events by just pressing it, like turning on the photo, turning the camera on and taking picturs instantly, texting a message, or updating your facebook status. “Pressy” gives you the ability to do all that, all the users have to do is just specify the number of presses for each action. Users can come up with different combinations and the Pressy will do everything the user wants. Like a simple small press will tell Pressy to call your best friend, one long press may turn on the flashlight.

This Application basically works in the background and keeps an eye on the Headphone Jack, this enables Pressy to catch the event of pressing whenever the user does it. It is the unique functionality of the Pressy because its main objective is to bring quick access to the user without getting into a rush searching apps in the long list of apps.

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Ericsson and Zamtel to demonstrate 4G Mobile Communications Capability at UNWTO

ZamtelSwedish telecom giant Ericsson and its Zambian counterpart Zamtel have reached a deal to demonstrate their capability to deliver high-tech Fourth Generation (4G) mobile communications technology at the ongoing 20th edition of UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Livingstone, the capital of the Southern Province of Zambia.

The demonstration, which will be the first-ever in of its nature in Zambia, was confirmed by Zamtel corporate communications manager Kennedy Mambwe.

The UNWTO conference, running from 23 to 29 August, has attracted delegations from over 150 UN member countries.

Ericsson and Zamtel will demonstrate live 4G mobile communications capability using a mobile communications network which will strengthen the shared version of the two companies to keep the mobile companies up-to-date with the latest innovations technology to ensure the delivery of high-tech mobile communications services in Zambia.

Zamtel, as a sponsor of the technology, has agreed with Ericsson to carry out a trial showcasing the advantages of 4G technology, which is currently not available in the southern African country.

The delegations attending the UNWTO conference will be able to experience internet speed of up to 50Mbps, which is considerably greater than the typical 2-3 Mbps speeds of 3G technology.

Zamtel CEO Mupanga Mwanakatwe expressed excitement over the development and promised that the company will continue to bring innovation to mobile infrastructure in the country progressively.

Hans Piet, the Head of Mobile Broadband for Ericsson in Sub-Saharan Africa, also expressed excitement over the proposed demonstration, saying it has given them the opportunity to showcase the vast benefits of the latest generation of mobile communications technology to Zambians and the international delegates.

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Apple drop out of top five APEJ Smartphone race

Apple drop out of top five APEJ Smartphone raceUnderperforming Apple has suffered another major setback as it has dropped out of the top five of the Smartphone race in the APEJ (Asia Pacific Excluding Japan) region due to the strong performance of Chinese vendors, according to a report published by IDC.

The study suggested that the Chinese vendors are tightening their grip over the APEJ market owing to their considerably inexpensive handsets.

IDC predicated that the Smartphone shipments in the region will nearly double up by 2017 but the Californian manufacturer won’t have a significant share in that.

The analyst firm said that the Smartphone sales in APEJ in the second quarter of 2013 were dominated by Samsung that shipped 28 million units to secure 24% market share. Overall, 119 million units were shipped in the APEJ in Q2 2013. The Smartphones sales outnumbered featured phones for the first time in the period between April-June to grab 53% share of the overall mobile industry.

Apple’s fall in the APEJ region, where it single-handedly ruled for several years, did not appear as a big surprise as it has been consistently struggling against Samsung in almost all other big markets. A research firm, Strategy Analytics (SA), last month reported that the overall market share of the California-based company hit a three-year low during Q2 2013 as it recorded only 31.2 million shipments compared to Samsung’s 76 million Smartphone units.

In APEJ all leading Chinese players such as Coolpad, Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei are responsible for Apple’s downfall, IDC said.

IDC in its study reported that the people in APEJ are gradually moving towards the homegrown brands as they accounted for 38% of Q2 2013 volumes, up from 20% in the second quarter of 2012, and 7% in the same period of 2011. The examples of these rising brands IDC believes are i-Mobile and GNET (Thailand), Lava and Micromax (India), K-Touch and Xiaomi (China), Q-Smart (Vietnam), i-Mobile and GNET (Thailand) and  S-CSL (Malaysia).

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ECONET launches 4G services in Zimbabwe

ECONET launches 4G services in ZimbabweEconet Wireless has introduced the much-anticipated 4G services in Zimbabwe, becoming the first local mobile phone operator to roll-out the latest fast speed and connectivity technology in the country.

Zimbabwe’s telecom giant said its Long Term Evolution (4G) technology will go live in Victoria Falls ahead of the commencement of UN World Tourism Organization General Assembly’s 20th annual session, scheduled to be held in the resort town from August 24 to 29.

Econet CEO Douglas Mboweni said 4G technology, which is still not available in several European and Asian Pacific countries, is a gift for the Zimbabwean customers who were demanding the company to introduce more competitive value-added services.

He said that Econet, which was one of the pioneers in Africa to launch 3G well before countries like India and Nigeria, aims to utilize its expensive infrastructure to roll out a host of overlay services across the country.

The introduction of 4G technology in Zimbabwe means the customers will be able to surf internet, exchange e-mails and download movies and other high-definition stuff from the internet at speeds much faster than they have ever been able to enjoy in the past.

Initially the LTE technology will be available in specific locations such as international airports, five-star hotels and other high-profile locations in the major cities of the country including capital Harare, second-largest city Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.

Mr. Mobweni didn’t reveal that when the 4G technology will be available throughout the country but said Econet Wireless is primarily targeting the high-traffic localities.

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Huawei plans to launch 5G Networks commercially by 2020

Huawei plans to launch 5G Networks commercially by 2020While many countries including US, UK and Asia-Pacific nations are just migrating from Third Generation (3G) to Fourth Generation (4G), Huawei has already set the sights on Fifth Generation (5G) technology – and plans to commercially introduce it by 2020.

A report publish recently by Bloomberg says that the Chinese telecom equipment giant has devoted hundreds of engineers to research and develop the technology, which is proposed to offer speed 100 times faster than 4G.

The 5G service will run on 10GB per second, compared with 100Mb per theoretical maximum per second under 4G. The technology will also allow people to expectance fiber network like interface on a wireless connection.

Zhou Yuefang, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Huawei’s LTE business unit, said that there will be billions of connections in the next seven years and 5G can provide massive connectivity. He said the process for new broadband technologies to become mainstream and adopted by mobile ecosystem usually takes at least five years.

Yuefang said that the company will install small cells within buildings to improve the quality of indoor coverage and ultimately the 5G will have enhanced spectrum management flexibility. The COO, however, refused to disclose the amount to be spent for the development of technology.

Earlier this year, Samsung had claimed that it tested 5G wireless service in-house and that technology was hundreds of times faster than 4G. The South Korean electronics giant had also announced the version to commercially roll-out the technology by 2020.

Mobile internet services began with 3G. Its predecessor 2G was for voice calls, while 1G refers to an original analog, voice-only cellular telephone standard that was developed in the 1980s.

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Hong Kong Smartphone use doubled in two years

Smartphones in Hong Kong

The Smartphone penetration in Hong Kong has been propelled to 63% compared to 49% in the same period last year and 35% in 2011, latest research has found.

According to the report, Hong Kong has the highest mobile internet usage rate in the Asia Pacific region, with almost 96% of users going online through their devices every day.

Japan occupied second place in the region with 94% Smartphone usage while Singapore and South Korea came in at third and fourth position with 93% and 92% mobile phone usage.

Google and Ipsos MediaCT conducted an online study in the first three months of the year on random sampling of one thousand Smartphone owners surveyed between the ages of 18 and 64.

Google’s “Our Mobile Planet Data and Analysis” tool ranked Hong Kong seventh in the world in terms of Smartphone penetration and South Korea and Singapore on second and fourth place respectively.

More than half of the respondents surveyed said over the past six months they spent more time online on their handsets than their computers.

The study revealed that people are becoming extremely passionate about their Smartphones, with 22% of respondents saying they could even eliminate their television favoring their handsets. Three-quarter of respondents said they don’t leave home without their beloved devices.

Almost all respondents use their Smartphones to research local information, 79% of them confessed to do so at least once a week and 39% doing it every day.

The study also said that a normal Smartphone user has installed 39 applications on their Smartphones, with at least 10 paid-for apps.

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Facebook launched mobile games program for developers

ImageFacebook has announced a new project – Facebook Mobile Games Publishing – to help small and medium-sized game developers distribute their own mobile game to studios worldwide.

The polite program will see Facebook promoting games in its own applications, revealing them to millions of its mobile users. In exchange, the social network will take the revenue from the developers who join the program.  However, the percentage of revenue it will take wasn’t revealed by the company.

Facebook has not yet announced the terms to join the program.  The only technical requirement for it is that the games should support Facebook integration.

Currently, there are more than 800 million people using Facebook mobile apps every month, with over 260 million playing Facebook games. The company will also give developers access to analytics tools.

Facebook has already racked up 10 developers including U.K.’s Space Ape, which is run by veteran social games maker Playfish, educational game maker Brainbow and Kiwi. Even though the social network began the project to target independent developers who lack the resources to compete with big game studios, a large French gaming company Gameloft has also joined the program with the game Kingdom & Lords.

The other small or mid-sized developers can become the part of program by completing the application form.

Following the news of Facebook’s entrance into mobile games publishing the shares of social gaming company Zynga fell by 1.3%.  Zynga was once the closest game partner of social networks but the two companies have become more competitive with each other since last year when the struggling company launched its own mobile developer partner program.

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